Monday, March 2, 2020

Virginian Harbisons and the Revolution

As part of my duties as the administrator of the Harbison surname DNA list, I've decided it's time to see if I can make a little more sense of the early Harbisons in America. And the real problem is there were at least three groups of them, approximately in SE Pennsylvania, the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and Lincoln County, South Carolina. They likely immigrated over a long period from around 1700 to about 1772, with the early immigrants tending more northerly. Of course, Pennsylvania and the Shenandoah valley were connected by the Great Wagon Road, which continued further into North and South Carolina. But the overall trend was westward, the Virginians moving into Kentucky, the Carolinians into Tennessee and the deeper South.

The jumping off point for the Virginians is the list of Harbisons who served in the Revolutionary War.I've thrown in two Herbertsons who probably aren't relevant, and a Herbison, who may be.

...and we'll start with David, who may in fact be two Davids.

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